Police Recover £50,000 Of Stolen Goods

Police Recover £50,000 Of Stolen Goods

A 28 year old man has been charged following a spate of housebreakings in Perth and Kinross

A 28 year old man's due to appear in court - after being charged in connection with a series of housebreakings in Perth and Kinross.

He was arrested as a result of Operation RAC.

It's led to the recovery of £50,000 worth of stolen property including a number of cars.

Police are again urging residents to remain vigilant and take simple steps to secure their homes.

Detective Inspector Andy Patrick, who leads Perth CID said:

"Housebreaking has a devastating impact on victims and our local communities. 

“Across Tayside, we are dedicated to identifying those responsible and will continue to carry out robust enforcement activity.

“I want these individuals to be in no doubt that housebreaking in Perth and Kinross will not be tolerated.

"If you are found to be involved in crimes of this nature you will be caught and you will face criminal proceedings.

"I want to reassure communities that we have dedicated resources in place to thoroughly investigate all reports of housebreaking and I would ask residents to remain vigilant and report any suspicious activity to police”.

DC Gary Lamb from Perth Community Investigation Unit said:

"The public have an important part to play in ensuring the success of policing operations by helping us prevent acquisitive crime from occurring.

“I would ask that householders consider their current security measures to make sure they are adequate.

"Especially consider where vehicle and house keys are stored within your homes at night”.

"As we move further into summer and the better weather it is essential to remember to lock your doors and windows whilst out enjoying the sunshine.

“Furthermore, always lock all doors and windows before retiring to bed for the night to reduce the opportunity for sneak-in thieves. It is important that a home looks occupied even if no one is at home.

"Consider buying timer devices for lights if the house is going to be unoccupied during hours of darkness. If you have a house alarm - please use it. If not, consider having one fitted.

“Tools and ladders and even garden furniture should also be put away and never left out for thieves to steal, or even use to commit crime.

“For visibility at night, consider sensor-operated lighting which is convenient and an effective deterrent.

“If you have a shed, ensure it is locked when not in use, and if it has windows, consider fitting a curtain, or similar, to obscure the view of the shed contents.

“Security mark all equipment with your postcode to increase the likelihood of it being returned if stolen and then subsequently recovered. Marking should be obvious, where possible, although an ultra violet pen can be used for more discreet marking.

"Cars should also be kept locked at all times and no valuable equipment should be left on display.

“Importantly, try to be a good neighbour, particularly towards older or vulnerable neighbours. Ask them if they require any assistance to make their homes safer and keep an eye out for them, as well as anyone coming to their door.

"For further information on crime prevention please contact Police Scotland on 101 or speak to your local policing teams”.